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How to offer discounts for abandoned carts in WooCommerce

One of the best ways to recover from the abandoned cart is by offering discounts or coupons. It’s a fact that people move products into the cart with the intention to buy it and then abandon it probably due to various concerns. Therefore, by offering discounts for those abandoned carts can create an urge for them to make a purchase. On the other hand, the customer is also satisfied with having a personalized offer for his favorite product. Having said that, let us see how we can offer discounts for abandoned carts using a Smart coupon for WooCommerce plugin.

The plugin notifies the concerned customer along with the coupon after a definite idle time upon which the cart is abandoned. The cart/checkout abandonment coupon can be configured in the following manner:

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons > Add Coupon
  2. Key in an appropriate coupon code and description

    WooCommerce Cart:Checkout Coupon-Create master coupon

    WooCommerce Cart: Checkout Coupon-Create master coupon

  3. From the General tab, select the discount type as a Fixed basket discount with the discount amount as 50.

    WooCommerce Cart:Checkout Coupon-General

    WooCommerce Cart: Checkout Coupon-General

  4. Publish the coupon.
  5. Navigate to the Action coupon tab.
    1. Enable abandonment coupon: Enable the option to create and assign coupons to customers automatically upon cart/checkout abandonment.
    2. Associate a master coupon: The abandonment coupon will be created based on the underlying master coupon. The coupon configuration (discount percentage and other related rules) will be created based on the selected master coupon.
      In this case, the master coupon 50off  can be associated here by selecting it from the dropdown.
    3. Idle time: Specify the minimum time (in mins) that the item/s should remain in cart for the customer to be eligible for the coupon.
      20 denotes that the items must remain in the cart at least for 20minutes for the customer to be eligible for the coupon.
    4. Email coupon interval: Specify the duration (in mins) after which the coupon will be mailed to the eligible customers.
      60 denotes that an email notification will be sent to the concerned customer only after an hour upon considering as eligible for the coupon (or after identifying that the cart is abandoned)
      In the above example, exactly after being abandoning the cart for 1 hour 20 minutes, an email notification will be sent to the concerned customer along with the coupon in it.
    5. Use the master coupon code as-is: When enabled the coupon code will be the same as the master coupon code. The email ids of the eligible customers will be added to ‘Allowed emails’ under the Usage Restriction section of the master coupon. When unchecked a new coupon code will be generated for every eligible customer. These coupons will follow the same configuration as the master coupon, the difference being a unique coupon code. The coupon code can be formatted as per the prefix/suffix/length options. If not specified it will take the format as per the General Settings.
      Here, we will go ahead by using the same code as that of the master coupon.

      WooCommerce Cart:Checkout Coupon-Action coupon

      WooCommerce Cart: Checkout Coupon-Action coupon

    6. On abandoning the cart for the configured time interval, the customer will be notified with an email as shown below:

      WooCommerce Cart:Checkout Coupon-Email Notification

      WooCommerce Cart: Checkout Coupon-Email Notification 

    7. You can click on the cart link to get redirected to your cart page. Click on the coupon to get the coupon applied automatically to proceed to checkout.

      WooCommerce Cart:Checkout Coupon-Cart with coupon

      WooCommerce Cart: Checkout Coupon-Cart with coupon



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