How to Provide a First Order Discount in WooCommerce

How to Provide a First Order Discount in WooCommerce

The ability to offer a first order discount is an effective way of converting a casual visitor of your store to a potential buyer. One of the reasons why people remain loyal to a brand and start recommending it to their family and friends is because they have gained something from it. 

We know that WooCommerce holds an inbuilt coupon module that has the ability to offer discounts. At times, the native WooCommerce coupon functionality may not help you to generate certain customized coupons like first-order discounts. But this can be achieved by using an advanced coupon plugin. Simply add  Smart Coupon Plugin for WooCommerce to your WooCommerce store and do a little bit of configuration.

Checkout our tutorial on how to provide first order discount in WooCommerce using coupon extension plugin.

How to generate first order discount coupons?

First of all, install Smart Coupon Plugin for WooCommerce to your WooCommerce store and activate the plugin. Now follow the steps given below and you can easily generate first order discount coupons.

Step 1: Create a coupon

Go to WooCommerce > Coupons from your dashboard.

From the Coupons window click on the Add Coupon button.

Step 2: Add coupon code and description

Enter an appropriate Coupon code and Description (optional) in Add new coupon panel

Step 3: Add coupon discount value

Navigate to the General tab where you can select the Discount type and enter the Coupon amount

As you can see in the below screenshot I have selected Percentage discount as discount type and 50 as coupon amount. Configure remaining settings in the general tab as per your requirement.

Step 4: Configure the coupon

Configure other coupon properties, if required, from the usage restriction tab, usage limit tab, Checkout options, and Giveaway Products

Step 5: Configure coupon for the first order

To generate a first order discount coupon, navigate to the Purchase History tab. 

Here you can set the number of orders equals to one as shown below so the coupon will be redeemable only for the first successful order. 

To make sure that a customer can avail coupons only once, select the Excluded customers already awarded check box option also.

Once all the above-mentioned configurations are done you can publish and provide the coupon code to your customers and they can redeem the first order discount coupon using that coupon code. Only a logged-in customer can redeem the first order discount coupon. After applying the coupon code your discount will be reflected in the cart as shown below.

To know more about other features, check the product page.

For more information on creating coupons, read this documentation.

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