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Automatically apply discount to the cart with URL Coupon using Smart Coupon Shortcodes

With URL Coupons, you can pass a coupon code in a URL and automatically apply it on any page by preserving the usage restrictions if any. It can be created by simply appending the coupon code along with the link. URL Coupons can be used in external sites or internally in your site for promoting your coupons that can be embedded within texts, images or anything similar that suits the theme of your website.  You can implement the URL coupon by using the following syntax:


For example, to implement a URL coupon in the cart page of a website with the coupon code FLAT30, specify the URL coupon in the following format:

Suppose I have a page named sample page in my store. In order to pass a coupon code with a URL and to get it automatically applied, we need to create a link in the format as specified above. It is to be noted that the coupon URL can be applied to images, texts, etc. In this case, I have used the coupon shortcode for linking the URL.  Just copy and paste a coupon shortcode to this sample page and create a hyperlink. We can redirect the coupon URL to the cart page where it is automatically applied.

Note: A coupon shortcode is a unique code generated for each coupon created in your store. It can be used for illustrating the coupon with its configured style and description in whichever page as required to make the print advertising actionable. Shortcodes for the coupons are created by the Smart Coupon for Woocommerce plugin and it can be used internally in your site where it is installed.

URL Coupon with shortcode - demo

URL Coupon with shortcode – demo

On previewing the sample page, click on the coupon the user will be redirected to the cart page where the coupon is auto applied.

Coupon URL Demo

Coupon URL Demo

Visit our documentation and product page to know more about the smart coupon plugin.

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