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How to create a ‘Limited time coupon discount offer’

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A limited-time offer is any kind of discount, coupons, or gifts entitled to a buyer if they make a purchase during a certain time period. These offers usually come with tags like Hurry upEnds in two days, Last chance, Until stock lasts, and so on to grab the customers attention and creates a sense of urgency. Limited time offers are found to be very effective and help in better conversion and sales.

Limited time discount offer can be implemented by using coupons. Coupons can be configured with a definite start time and expiry time.  You can use Smart Coupon for WooCommerce plugin to achieve this.

Let us see how an EOS(End of season sale)with a flat 50% discount storewide + free shipping from 15th March to 30th March can be implemented using smart coupon:

  1. Download, install, and activate the plugin, navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons.
  2. From the coupon window which opens up, click on Add coupon to create a new coupon.
  3. The Add Coupon panel opens up.
  4. From the discount type drop-down, select the percentage discount and mark the discount value as 50 as we have to design a flat50% coupon.
  5. Next, tick the Allow free shipping checkbox to enable free shipping for all orders during the selected period.
  6. Now select the Coupon start date and the expiry date of the coupon from the date chooser.
  7. Optionally, you can make the coupon apply automatically by selecting the Apply coupon automatically checkbox.
  8. You can control the visibility of your coupon in My Account, Cart, and Checkout by selecting respective options from this field.
    Smart Coupon for WooCommerce-Limited time offer

    Smart Coupon for WooCommerce-Limited time offer

    The buyer can simply use the coupon code EOS50 to avail of the limited time offer. The coupon can be redeemed only during the time period specified.

Visit our documentation and product page to know more about the smart coupon plugin.

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