How to Import WooCommerce Products Using the Free Plugin?

This WooCommerce product import export plugin allows you to import products to your WooCommerce store from a CSV file and export products from the store to a CSV file. It is a great tool for your WooCommerce store when you need to transfer product data to or from your store.

To import products into your WooCommerce store using the free Product Import Export plugin for WooCommerce, install and activate the plugin on your store. The plugin takes CSV files as input. Prepare a CSV file of all the products The CSV file should be UTF-8 encoded for an error-free import. Read Saving CSV/Excel file as UTF-8 Encoded.

Steps to Import Products to Your WooCommerce Store

After purchasing the plugin, install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website. Now you may follow the below steps to import WooCommerce products to your store.

  1. Navigate to WebToffee Import-Export from your WordPress dashboard

    From the WordPress dashboard go to the Import menu under WebToffee Import Export (Basic).

  2. Choose the post type as ‘Product’

    On clicking the Import menu, you will be taken to a window where you can choose the product type.

    Select post type as products

  3. Select import method and upload CSV file

    The plugin provides you with three methods to import products – quick import, pre-saved template, and advanced import.

    Here we are going with the advanced import as it covers all the import features. To know more about the different import methods you can refer to the plugin documentation.

    Then, import the CSV file by uploading it from your local storage.

    Choose an import method

  4. Import mapping

    Within import mapping, you can map the column headers of the imported CSV to match the WooCommerce product data fields. The mapping section is important if you are importing from a different eCommerce platform such as Magento, Shopify, etc.

    After mapping the CSV file, you need to go to the next step.

  5. Update & Batch Import

    In this step, you can enable the plugin to do three things for your store.

    1. Update existing products in your store
    2. Import new products
    3. Configure batch count for batch importAdvanced product import options

  6. Once you are all done, you can save the import template for recurring imports. Now you can proceed to click the Import button. This will start importing all the products in the CSV and products will be visible in your WooCommerce store.

With this free version of the Product Import Export plugin, you can avail the following features.

  • Import and export simple, grouped, external/affiliate products.
  • Import and export products by category, tags, etc.
  • Export and import selected products
  • Update products in bulk


Import, export, and update of products are frequent tasks for any online store. Finding the right solution to help you with the process can reduce your workload multiple times. Hope this article guided you in the right direction in regard to it.

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