Steps to Import WPML Products

The Product Import Export Plugin can be easily used for importing multilingual products with just three easy steps.

  1. Install, Activate and Configure the WPML Plugins
  2. Prepare the CSV to be imported.
  3. Import products using our Import Export plugin.

Install, Activate and Configure the WPML Plugins

The product import export plugin is compatible with popular WPML plugins like Multilingual Tools, WPML Media, WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management, and WooCommerce Multilingual. However, it is essential to install, activate and configure these plugins in prior to importing multilingual products into your WordPress site.

Prepare the CSV to be Imported

Product Import Export plugin facilitates import of multilingual products with the help of a CSV file. 

Apart from the default columns, three additional columns namely; wpml:language_code, wpml:original_product_id, wpml:original_product_sku must be included in the CSV for importing multilingual products. The name of the columns and its format (underscore and colon) should be specified exactly in the same manner as it is given above.

  • In the wpml:language_code column, enter the code of the language to which the site has to be translated.
  • The product ID of the products can be entered in the wpml:original_product_id column.
  • Similarly, the product SKU can be entered in the wpml:original_product_sku column.

Sample CSV for WPML importing will be as shown below. Click Sample CSV of WPML to download a sample.

In the above example, you can see a product with parent SKU as A11 and product_id as 111. In order to import this product in English, Italian and German, you will have to include three additional columns wpml:language_code, wpml:original_product_id, wpml:original_product_sku. Then, enter the code ‘en’ for English, ‘it’ for Italian, ‘de’ for German in the wpml:language_code column and enter 111 in the wpml:original_product_id column.

Note: Either product ID or SKU has to be given for importing products, needn’t have to enter both of them.

Import Products using our Import Export Plugin

The steps involved in importing products is in the same manner as how normal products are imported. To know more about how the products are imported, click here.

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7 thoughts on “Steps to Import WPML Products

  1. Danny Boktor
    Danny Boktor says:

    I am not seeing the french products in the CSV export. But I do see that the three columns that are required already exist in the column mapping. Why is it that it doesn’t get added to the CSV file?

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      As per our understanding, you are having an issue with exporting the WPML products to the CSV file. Could you please try switching the admin panel language to French and try exporting the products.

      If the issue still persists please reach us via support.

  2. AcGieg
    AcGieg says:


    When our site was located at, we used to click at WooCommerce > Product Import-Export (

    Steps that we followed:

    And we were able to export all our products.

    Fields that were being exported:
    sku images

    When we moved our site to, the last 3 fields (wpml:language_code, wpml:original_product_id, wpml:original_product_sku) disappeared and now we can’t import or export products using these 3 fields.

    The 3 fields are missing 🙁

    Could you please help us recover those fields?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. AcGieg says:

    When I import products with language “de”, sometimes I get the message “Product already processed”, so it does not allow me to import the item because it’s using the same sku or id than the main language (en).

    When I get the message “Product updated successfully”, the product does not show in the german language.

    I’ve been fighting for hours with trials and errors and I’m still unable to upload the german language translation for my woocommerce products 🙁

  4. haitham
    Haitham says:


    I’m using your plugin with wmpl, I’ve two questions here:

    1- shall I duplicate all CSVcell from EN to AR language and translate any cell I want? so I’ll have two exact row except for the translation texts?

    2- what about variation products? shall I do it the same? duplication parent SKU and it’s children ?

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      1. Yes, you may please copy the data in the English(EN) products row to the second translation(AR) row and translate the fields as per your requirement. The final CSV will have two rows with the same data except for the translation text.

      2. Currently, the plugin supports importing/exporting of WPML simple products only. Support to importing/exporting of WPML variable products can be expected in future releases.

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