Exporting Products With Images – WooCommerce Product Import Export Plugin

With Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce, you can export products with their related image effortlessly. In addition to this, you can export multiple product images and thumbnails of the product images.

The Process to Export WooCommerce Products With Images

URL of each product image is exported to a CSV/XML file, and URLs of multiple images of a product are separated with vertical bar character ‘|’.

Let us understand this procedure with the help of the following example:

Suppose, you have two products in your WooCommerce store. A variable and a simple product as shown in the screenshot of the WooCommerce product page below:

Product page

Following are the steps to export products with their respective attributes:

  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Product Im-Ex section of the plugin. Under the Product tab, move to Export Product in CSV /XML Format section by clicking on the Export button, as shown below:

If you wish to skip a certain number of products, enter an offset value from which you wish to start the export. You can specify a limit to export a finite number of products. You can also specify specific product categories and product types to be exported. Configure other settings and select desired columns to be exported.

Alternatively, Export images as a zip file option enable you to download the images as a separate zip file to facilitate a faster import. When this option is chosen, an Export Product Images button pops up. Click on it to download the images as a separate zip file. The exported CSV will include only the names of the images of the products instead of the entire path/URL.  It is set to ‘No’ by default, in which case the URLs of images will be exported into the file.

Now that we have our settings in place, click on the Export Products(CSV) or Export Products(XML) to start exporting products in CSV or XML format respectively.

To know more about exporting products, read this article.

A screenshot of the exported CSV file is as shown below:

exported CSV

Note: You can download a sample CSV here.

To know more about other features of the plugin, read the documentation.

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