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How to Import External/Affiliate Products Into WooCommerce

To sell External/Affiliate products in your store is a better solution for earning additional revenue. You can create external links to a highly established e-commerce site like Amazon or any similar for gaining considerable traffic and developing business growth.

However, to add and create multiple external products manually in your store is impractical which consumes lots of time and effort. Thus, a better alternative for this would be to use an extended plugin which will help you to import several external products together in bulk. The product import export plugin can be used to import and export not only external products but also simple, grouped, variable including custom product types such as subscription, bundle or bookable products.

To have an overview of WooCommerce external/affiliate products, refer here.

Steps to Import External Products

Let’s head to know more about how external products can be imported into your WooCommerce store using product import export plugin.

  1. Download, install and activate the product import export plugin to access its features.
  2. On activating, navigate to WooCommerce > Product Im Ex > Import
  3. The plugin uses a CSV file for importing products into the store. Generally, there are three methods of importing products. You can use whichever method convenient for you for importing. Read more on different importing methods here.

    Product Import

    Product Import

  4. The CSV file used for import must contain pre-defined column headers for a successful import. You may create a sample external product and export it with product type as external to obtain a sample CSV with pre-defined columns. The exported CSV can be further appended with additional products for importing. Alternatively, you can also create a CSV file manually using any spreadsheet application. However, the columns relevant to the import of external products are the following:
    • product_url: Link the URL of the external product of another site in this column.
    • tax:product_type: Key in the product type as external.

    • button_text(optional): You can enter any button text here like Buy on Amazon which makes obvious to the customer that they will be redirected to another site. This is optional and can be left blank to leave it as it is. 

  5. Let us go ahead with Method-1 by attaching a CSV file from the computer and upload the file for importing external products.
  6. On uploading, you will be redirected to the map fields window. Map field window is concerned with mapping of columns that have to the imported.
    External Product Import-Mapping

    External Product Import-Mapping

    (The columns relevant for the external product are highlighted in the above image)

    Note: You can even add additional details to the external product like product image, price, etc in the CSV while importing.

  7. Submit to import external products into your store. All the external products along with its additional attributes will be imported into your store from the CSV.

    External product import success window

    External product import success window



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