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Update WooCommerce Product Variations without Parent SKU

Last updated on November 14, 2023

Variations of variable product data can be updated without explicitly referencing its parent SKU or even causing any distortion to the existing data. For example, there can be instances where you need to alter the price of a product without altering any other product data. This scenario can be easily handled using the Product Import Export plugin for WooCommerce. To update product variations without parent SKU:

  1. Select the post type as Product.
  2. Select an import method.
  3. Map the import columns.
  4. Use advanced options/ batch import and scheduling.
  5. Click on Import to finish.

Let us consider a sample CSV as shown below for demonstrating this scenario:

There are two variables namely B11V1 and B11V2 for the product with SKU B11. The current sale price of the product is shown to be $9 and $10. 

Let us change the sale_price of the products and import it without specifying any reference to its parent_sku. The resultant CSV file will look like the one shown below:

Steps to update product variations

Now, import the updated CSV using the below-mentioned steps.

From the WordPress admin panel, click on the menu: WebToffee Import Export (Pro) > Import.

  1. Select Products under post type.
    Selecting post type as Product during the export in the Product Import export plugin
  2. Select an import method: Choose among: Quick import or Advanced import and upload the input CSV file( which has the download URIs of the google drive images).
  3. Map import columns: Here, you can map the commercial names to WooCommerce columns. Use Evaluation Field to fix/update the required value for a particular field.
    no parent sku value during mapping
  4. Advanced Options/Batch Import: Provides advanced options to import and scheduling import.
  5. Click on Import to finish.

Refer to How to import WooCommerce products for a detailed import procedure.

It can be seen that the merge is successful and the sale_price of the product has been updated successfully as shown below.

In this manner, child products can be updated without explicitly linking it with its parent SKU.