Updating WooCommerce Product Variations without Parent SKU

Variations of variable product data can be updated without explicit reference to its parent SKU or even without causing any distortion to the existing data. There can be instances where you need to alter the price of a product without altering any other data of the product. This scenario can be easily handled using the product import export plugin.

Let us consider a sample CSV as shown below for demonstrating this scenario:

There are two variables namely B11V1 and B11V2 for the product with SKU B11. The current sale price of the product is shown to be as $9 and $10. 

Let us change the sale_price of the products from the current value and import it without specifying any reference to its parent_sku. The resultant CSV file will look like the one as shown below:

Now, import this updated CSV in the usual manner. Click here, to know more about how the products are imported.

It can be seen that the merge is successful and the sale_price of the product has been updated successfully as shown below.

In this manner, child products can be updated without explicitly linking it with its parent SKU.


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4 thoughts on “Updating WooCommerce Product Variations without Parent SKU

  1. Dariusz says:

    I have Sku variant and status update in csv.

    Invalid or duplicated SKU.
    product upgrade does not work
    The product is found correctly

    Thank you for your help
    No import can overwrite data without Paren SKU (or is)

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      We tried updating the variations in our test environment without including the parent SKU data and were able to update the product without any issues.
      The “Invalid or duplicated SKU” error message is displayed when the “Update products if exists” option is not enabled when updating the products. Please make sure that you have enabled the “Update products if exists” option when updating the product.

      If the issue still persists please reach us via support.

        • Alan
          Alan says:

          Hi Dariusz,

          We have received your support ticket. From the screenshot you shared via the support ticket we can see that you are having the basic version of the plugin installed on your site. The basic version of the plugin supports the import/export of only simple products. It does not support variable products.

          You may please install the premium version of the plugin in order to import/update/export variable products on your site.

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