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How to Import WooCommerce Products using URL

It is very much essential to have an easy and flawless product import and export suit in a WooCommerce platform. WebToffee’s product import and export plugins let you export and import products in different manners irrespective of product types, count, etc.

Basically, the plugin allows you to import products in three different methods using a CSV/XML file.

  • Locally from a computer
  • via FTP
  • Using URL where the file is residing

In this article, we will go through the steps on how we can import products using a URL.

Importing Products using URL

Install and activate the product import and export plugin. On the plugin dashboard, the Product tab is divided into the following two sections:

  • Import 
  • Export 
Product Import Export-Menu

Product Import Export-Menu

The Import section helps in importing products using the CSV/XML file. To start importing products, click on Import.

The Import section contains three methods for importing products as shown below:

Product Import Export-Import Products

Product Import Export-Import Products

In order to import products using a URL from where the file is residing navigate to Method 3: Enter the URL of the file – In this method, you can provide the URL of the CSV file from where it will be downloaded for importing the products.

Import products via URL

Note: It is be noted that the URL should be a public URL for it to be accessed for files for importing.

For example, to import products residing at a location:

Import products using URL

Import products using URL (Click to expand)

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