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Frequently Asked Questions- WooCommerce Product Import Export

Q1.Why are some of the products getting  “Failed to import products” error?

Ans: The error occurs when you have the unidentified character “�” in the CSV. Ensure that the CSV is UTF-8 encoded to avoid this issue.

Q2.Why are some products getting “post is not a product” error?

Ans: WordPress considers everything as posts. For example, a product is a post, an image is another post etc.
Thus if the importing product IDs already exist in your site, the new products cannot be inserted to the same ID, thus the error.

Q3.How to import multiple images?

Ans: Product Import Export plugin lets you import product information and images to your WooCommerce store effortlessly. You can import multiple images using this plugin without any hassles. You must ensure that all the image URLs are in the same column separated by ” | “.

For Example: URL/image1.jpg|URL/image2.jpg|URL/image3.jpg

Q4.How to set a featured image?

Ans: The first image URL in the images column is set as the featured image.

Q5.How to import a custom field or metadata from another plugin?

Ans: Perform an Export from your site with “Include hidden metadata” checkbox ticked, and you will be able to find the corresponding column header with the metadata from the external plugins. You can use the same column header and follow same data format to import the metadata back.

Q6.I have installed the plugin in a multisite.  I am getting an error “You are not allowed to view this page” when trying to import. Please help?

Ans: Please ensure that the plugin and WooCommerce are not network activated. Activate both on the site level only.

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