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Export WooCommerce Products to CSV

Last updated on October 10, 2023

Exporting products from a WooCommerce store to a CSV file becomes necessary at one point in time or another for multiple reasons. This includes:

  • Migrating products to another WooCommerce store in an efficient way.
  • Keeping a backup of the products and the product data.
  • Editing products in bulk and then import the products back to the store to reflect the changes.

WooCommerce by default does provide the provision to import and export product data but has limitations. Using the  Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce, you can easily export all the products and product types (simple, variable, grouped, and external) in your WooCommerce store to a CSV file. To export WooCommerce products to CSV file:

  1. Select the post type as Product.
  2. Choose the required export method.
  3. Filter data
  4. Map and reorder export columns.
  5. In the advanced options/ batch export step, select CSV for the option Export file format and export.

To begin, download, install and activate the plugin.

Steps to export in CSV format

From the WordPress admin panel, navigate to the menu: WebToffee Import Export (Pro).

  1. Click on Export and specify the post type as Product.
  2. In Step 2, you can choose Quick export method and click on Export to download the file in CSV format.
  3. You can also opt for the Advanced options/Batch export/Scheduling step and select the required Export file format as CSV. You can do the same if you have opt for the Advanced export method.
    export file format
  4. Click on Export to finish. This will create a CSV file that will be downloaded to your computer.

For more detailed step-wise procedure on export, refer to How to export WooCommerce products.