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Import/Export WooCommerce Product custom field/data from third-party plugins

There may be additional third-party plugins related to shipping services, dealer information, etc. associated with the products in your store. You may require to have these additional details also to get imported or exported while importing or exporting products. The Product Import Export plugin has the capability to handle these custom or additional fields generally termed as metadata of external third-party plugins. 

Export custom field/data from third-party plugins

In order to export custom field/data from third-party plugins all you have to do is to just check-in the Include hidden metadata field from the export page.

On exporting products by checking in Include hidden metadata field, a CSV file will be downloaded into your system containing all additional metadata fields from your site. The meta fields are appended at the latter end column preceding the default WooCommerce fields. These custom fields can be identified easily with the keyword meta followed by necessary meta keywords as it is in the database depending upon the nature of the third party plugin used.

Import custom field data/metadata from third-party plugins

It is to be noted that, the system accepts metadata only in the same formats as it is stored in the database. So the best practice would be to export the data first and then use the exported spreadsheet for importing products. This methodology will help in reducing the compatibility issues considerably.

Once exported, a CSV file in the required format and headers will be generated with custom meta fields. Enter the product details into it and import it back to your store in the usual manner.

To import products to your store, you must first enter details in the CSV file which is to be uploaded.  

For more information on how products are imported and exported, refer to Setting Up Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce. Visit our product page to know more about the plugin features.

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