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Import WooCommerce Products with Attributes – Product Import Export Plugin

Last updated on October 31, 2023

An attribute defines the additional data related to a product. Product attributes are characteristics that include size, color and other features that make it distinct from other products. The WebToffee plugin, Product Import Export for WooCommerce helps import the WooCommerce products with attributes. To import products with attributes:

  • Select the post type as Product.
  • Select an import method.
  • Ensure the necessary attribute columns are mapped.
  • Use advanced options/ batch import and scheduling.
Attributes in the WooCommerce product page
Attributes in the product page

Let us say you have a CSV file with a product containing attributes ‘Size’ and ‘Color’. Here, the attributes with the prefix “pa_” are global attributes.

Global and local attributes
Global and local attributes

Attribute values

Value of attribute data is given in the format: position | visible | variation.

  • position: Defines the position of the attribute in the front-end.

    NOTE: Existing attribute will be moved down if you set a lower position value for the new attribute. Attributes with a low position value will be placed at the top and attribute with a bigger position value will be placed last.
  • visible: Displays 1, if the attribute is visible at the front end. Else, displays 0.
  • variation: Displays 1, If the attribute is used for variation. Else, displays 0.

Import products with attributes

As a first step, install and activate the product import export plugin. Click on WebToffee Import Export (Pro) > Import menu from the WordPress admin panel.

  • Select Products under post type.
    Selecting post type as product
  • Select an import method: One can choose among: Quick import, Pre-saved template and Advanced import .
  • Map import columns: To map import columns. Here, you can map the commercial names to WooCommerce columns. Use Evaluation Field to fix/update the required value for a particular field.
    Mapping Product Attributes During Import
  • Advanced Options/Batch Import: Provides advanced options to import and scheduling import.

Click on Import to import the WooCommerce products with attributes.

Details of import
Product imported successfully

Finally, head on to Products from WordPress dashboard to view the imported products as shown below:

Listing imported products
Listing imported products

To view its attributes, move to the Attributes section in the respective product page.

Attributes section for the products

Here is the view of the attributes on the product page.

View of attributes in product page.
View of attributes in the product page.

To check Global attributes, go to Products > Attributes

Product global attributes
Added the global attribute ‘color’