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Import Product Metadata From A CSV file In WooCommerce

Last updated on October 10, 2023

Metadata is the data about data. A product’s metadata can be some extra information that motivates people to buy online. Free delivery, no hassle returns and customer reviews are just a few examples. Metadata can be also be used to determine the total quantity of sold products, the quantity of products available for sale, or any other similar data regarding product data.

To import product metadata using the Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce, enter the metadata in the input CSV file and follow the import steps.

Steps to import metadata

  • From the WordPress admin panel, navigate to the menu: WebToffee Import Export (Pro).
  • Click on Import and specify the post type as Product.
  • Select the import method as: Advanced or Pre-saved to view the mapping screen.
  • Choose the Import from location.
  • Click to upload or simply drag and drop your CSV file.
Uploading input file
Uploading input file
  • Click on Step 3 to map the import columns.
  • Here, the metadata will be mapped under Meta(Custom fields) and Hidden meta as shown.
Mapping meta columns
Mapping meta columns
  • In step 4, use the advanced options and click on Import to finish. In the product’s edit page, the custom meta:total_sales will get imported as shown below.
Custom field added in product edit page
Custom field added in product edit page

For a detailed step-wise procedure on import, refer to How to import products.