How to Bulk Upload Variable Products in WooCommerce

If you have different variations of a product in your WooCommerce store, instead of creating multiple single products, WooCommerce allows you to create a variable product with all the variations. You can create attributes with different values for the product.

But it is not very easy to upload products and their variations manually to the store. You would need the help of a plugin to import WooCommerce products and their variations in bulk.

The Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce by WebToffee allows you to upload variable products in bulk to your WooCommerce store in the easiest possible way. To upload the variable products into your WooCommerce store, you need to install and activate the Product Import Export for WooCommerce in your WooCommerce store.

How Does the Plugin Bulk Upload Variable Products?

The plugin takes a UTF-8 encoded CSV/XML file as input. It then imports the products to the WooCommerce store without any difficulty with all the variable products and the product details. So, in order to upload all the variable products using the plugin, you must have a CSV/XML file with all your variable products and the product data.

The following is the sample CSV file that contains variable products.

Sample CSV for variable products
Sample CSV for variable products

In the given CSV the variable product is a T-shirt, with two attributes size and color. Each variation of the product have different SKUs but are connected to the original product using the parent_SKU.

Once you have your CSV file prepared, next what you need to do is to import the variable products to the store. From the WooCommerce store where you need to upload the variable products, go to WooCommerce > Product Im-Ex.

The plugin gives you three options to import your CSV file depending on the location where your CSV file is stored.

  1. Upload the file from your computer.
  2. Upload the file from the remote server using FTP.
  3. Upload the file from a URL

Following are the steps to import variable products:

Product Import

Move to Import Products in CSV/XML Format in the Import section of the Product settings tab. Further settings appear as shown in the screenshot below.

You can choose any of the three methods for uploading the CSV file. First, let’s go with the first method. That is, uploading a CSV file from your computer.

  • Click Choose File to browse and upload the required CSV file from your computer.

In the second method, provide the FTP details of the server.

Upload CSV via FTP
Upload CSV via FTP

You can select the CSV file from your FTP server. Enter the FTP details in the given spaces.

In the third method, provide the URL of the location from where the CSV file can be downloaded.


  • Next, configure how to import the products from the available options.
  • Click Upload file and import. This will take you to the Map Fields page.
  • Enter a mapping filename and map the required WooCommerce Product Fields with column headers of the CSV file. Mapping is an important step to correctly import all the variable products. Use Evaluation Field to fix/update the required value for a particular field.
    Mapping fields for product import
    Mapping fields for product import
  • Click Submit to start importing products into your WooCommerce store.  
Import successful dialog box
Import successful dialog box

Based on the CSV file imported, the products and its attributes get added to your store, as shown in the screenshot below:

Product in WooCommerce product page
Product in WooCommerce product page

Once the import is successful, you can view the imported products in the WooCommerce Product page section.

To know more about the plugin, visit the product page for the Product Import Export plugin for WooCommerce.

For more details about importing and exporting variable and simple products in a WooCommerce store, read the plugin documentation.

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12 thoughts on “How to Bulk Upload Variable Products in WooCommerce

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      Currently, there is no option to automatically create the variations from the attribute values of the variable product. You may please provide the child variations details in separate rows and specify the parent_sku or post_parent data in the CSV file to import the variations.

  1. Woocrawl says:

    Hi! How can import product Variable with formart
    product type, product-title….., S | M | L, 19.99 | 21.99 | 24.99… without sku or parent

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      In order to import a variable product from the CSV file, it is necessary to have either the SKU-Parent SKU or ID-Parent ID relation. The parent product should have either the SKU or ID in the CSV and it should be provided in the parent SKU or parent ID column of the child variations.

  2. nikita banks
    nikita banks says:

    this says to import a variable product to list it as simple in the drop down menu of the dashboard. I have not been able to get this to work at all.

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      Kindly make sure that you include the necessary data fields like product type, ID or SKU relation, and the attribute columns in the CSV file to import variable products using the plugin. For better understanding, you may please go through the documentation on how to import variable products.

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