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Export WooCommerce Products based on Categories

Last updated on October 25, 2023

Product categories helps to sort and organize the products in an efficient manner. With Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce, you can export hierarchical category structures and multiple categories that are associated with a specific product. This enables you to export WooCommerce products to a CSV/XML/TSV/XLS AND XLSX file with both their categories and subcategories. To export WooCommerce products with categories:

  1. Select the post type as Product.
  2. Choose the required export method.
  3. Filter data on the basis of product categories.
  4. Map and reorder export columns.
  5. Use the advanced options and export.

From the WooCommerce store, let us export the following products with categories.

Products with categories

Steps to Export

From the WordPress admin panel, navigate to the menu: WebToffee Import Export (Pro) > Export.

  1. In step 1, specify the post type as Product.
    Selecting post type as Product during the export in the Product Import export plugin
  2. In step 2, choose either Pre-saved template or Advanced export method as both of these facilitates data filtration during the export process.
    Selecting export method as pre-saved or advanced during export in the Product Import export plugin
  3. In step 3: Filter data, select the categories you want to export under Export specific product categories.
    product categories
  4. Click on Step 4 to map the export and reorder the columns.
    map export columns
  5. Click on Step 5 to finish the export.
    advanced options

For a detailed export procedure, follow the steps in How to export products.

Sample view of exported file

On successful export, you can download the file.

View of multiple and hierarchical categories in CSV

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