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It is almost always necessary to import or export products from a WooCommerce store. To create backups, or for migration, the best way to do that is by importing and exporting products. And when we are transferring the products, we can not leave the reviews of the products behind. Product reviews are an inseparable part of an online WooCommerce store.

The product import suite or the product import-export plugin for WooCommerce is an extension for importing, exporting, or updating your store’s products and reviews effortlessly thus making product management easy. The product import suite handles the import and export of products and their reviews.

This article will help you learn more about the plugin and how it works.

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce – An Overview

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

This WooCommerce Product Import Export plugin is a free plugin that allows a WooCommerce store owner to import, export, and update products. Using the plugin you can import products from a CSV file into a WooCommerce store and export the products of a WooCommerce store to a CSV file.

1. Importing Products using Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

The Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce takes a CSV file as input. The importing CSV file should be UTF-8 encoded. You can create a CSV file by using any spreadsheet program available to you.

Using the plugin you can choose and upload a file from your computer that contains all the products that need to be imported. Next, comes the mapping section where you match the column headers within your CSV with that of WooCommerce product fields.

Mapping is an important process for import and it should be done correctly to ensure a smooth import process. After a successful import, all the products in the CSV file are added to the WooCommerce store.

2. Exporting Products using Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce helps you easily export simple, grouped, external/affiliate products into a CSV file. With just a click of a button, you can export products having multiple product types into a CSV file. The plugin gives you control over how many products you want to export and which product type you want to import.

How the Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce Helps in Product Management?

Following is a list of features that make management of your store’s products easy for you.

1. Import & export multiple product types to and from your store

You can export and import products belonging to different product types (simple, grouped, external/affiliate products) to your WooCommerce site using a CSV file.

2. Export only the products you need

Instead of exporting your store’s entire list of products, the different export filters available within the plugin make it easy for you to export only the selected ones.

You can use these filters alone or in combination with other filters while exporting products. It will come in handy when you need to update or back up a specific list of products in your store.

Filters for exporting selected products
Filters available for selective export of products

Following are the filters you can find within the plugin.

  1. Export by selected products

You can choose one or more categories from your store to export products belonging to that category only.

  1. Export by tags

With this filter, you can export products by selected tags. You can add one or more tags to the field and export products associated with those tags only.

  1. Export by category

Apart from tags, you can choose the specific products from your store to be exported to the CSV.

  1. Exclude selected products from exporting

While you can export selected products using the above filter, this filter allows you to exclude selected products of your store from exporting.

  1. Export by product status

Your store can have products that are of different statuses such as published, draft, private, and pending products. With this filter, you can export products belonging to one or more statuses from your store.

3. Update products with less effort

With the plugin, you can either update products in bulk or update only the selected items (using the above filters). There are two ways you can update products using the plugin. The first one, by exporting products to any spreadsheet program like Google Sheets and updating data manually within the sheet before importing them back to your store.

The next one helps you update data during import. It is called evaluation fields. Using evaluation fields you can update product data by simply adding it to the corresponding product data field during import mapping.

Bulk update product data using evaluation fields
Evaluation field for updating regular price

4. Import only the product data you need

A product has many associated data such as price, stock, inventory, attributes, etc. Sometimes you may not want all this data to be imported into your store. This product import suite plugin allows you to import only the required data by deselecting the respective columns while import mapping.

Export selected product data or columns
Select columns to import data only belonging to them

Import and Export of Product Reviews

When customers buy products online, the main thing that they look for is product reviews. Reviews help customers a lot before buying a product. They are a lot helpful for customers in making a decision on whether or not to buy a product.

Since reviews are important to a WooCommerce store, when you are migrating products from a store, it is necessary that their reviews be migrated as well. And there should be an easy way to migrate the reviews of different products from one store to another.

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce helps you import product reviews from a CSV file to a WooCommerce store and export the reviews of the products into a CSV file.

Import Product Reviews

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce imports all the product reviews in a CSV file into the store and associates them with the corresponding product. The plugin requires a UTF-8 encoded CSV file to import the reviews of the products into the store.

You can create a CSV file in the proper format using any of your preferred spreadsheet programs. When you have your CSV file at hand, you can easily import the CSV file and it only requires you to map the column headers of the CSV file to match with the WooCommerce data fields.

Export Product Reviews

Review filters for selectively exporting review
Filter the reviews to be exported

Instead of creating a CSV file from scratch, you can export the product reviews from the WooCommerce store using the Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce. This free plugin allows you to export the reviews of the product you selected into a CSV file which will then be downloaded to your local computer.

Main features:

  • Export product reviews to a CSV file.
  • Import product reviews from a CSV file.
  • Update existing product reviews.


I hope by going through the above article you have found a solution for all the product migration, backup, and update-related issues of your WooCommerce store. Efficient store and product management lead to a better user experience and thus to increased sales and revenue. So get started with the Product Import-export plugin today.

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