How to download, install and activate Premium WebToffee plugins

After purchasing the plugin, go to My Account section in WebToffee and login.

Account login page

Step 1: After logging in, go to Dashboard and click Downloads.

Step 2: From My Downloads, the .zip file of the plugin will be available.

API download

Step3: The plugin package .zip file gets downloaded as shown below.

Zip file in the folder


Once the plugin is downloaded successfully, you need to install it. To initiate:

Step1: Login to your site’s WordPress admin panel.

Step2: Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

Step3: From this Add Plugins page, click on Upload Plugin.

Step4: The following window appears as shown below.

Choose the zip file to upload

Step5: Click on Choose file to select the plugin zip file.

Step5: Click on Install Now.



After the plugin is installation is completed, click on Activate Plugin.

Activate plugin

After activation, you can configure and use the plugin on your website. One can navigate through:

  • the menu that appears in WordPress admin panel
  • Settings on the Installed plugins page
Plugins page

Licence key activation

In the premium version, to get timely update notifications, you have to activate the plugin licence. Get your API Key and API Email from License Keys tab in WebToffee.

API Key and Email

Step1: Navigate to the plugin’s general settings page.
Step2: Under the Licence tab, enter the API Key and Email.
Step3: Click on Activate.

License activation (Product Import Export plugin)

Hooray!!, your plugin licence activation is completed. Now you can configure the plugin according to your needs.


Once the plugin updates are available, you will get an update notification on the Plugins page. From there, click update now to get the latest updates.

If in case, you are not seeing any update notifications on the plugins page, you can download the latest version of the plugin from the API Downloads section in your WebToffee account and upload the zip file.

Deactivate and Delete the plugin
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