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How to Import URL Coupons to WooCommerce

With a URL coupon, you can create customized coupons that can be passed via a link satisfying all restrictions and limits imposed for the underlying coupon. URL Coupon works hand in hand with the Smart Coupon for WooCommerce plugin such that all the features are fully compatible with it. In order to import URL coupons, you will need to have both Smart coupons for WooCommerce and URL Coupons activated on your site.

Importing steps:

  1. Choose a CSV file from your system.
  2. You can also email coupons to concerned recipients on import by selecting the checkbox. Any email addresses you entered will receive coupons once coupons are imported.
  3. For importing URL Coupons, the following columns must be included mandatorily.
    • _wt_coupon_unique_url
    • _wt_auto_product_to_cart
    • _wt_url_coupon_page_to_redirect
  4. Click on the Upload file button. On uploading, you will  be redirected to the mapping window as shown below:

    Import URL Coupons

    Import URL Coupons

  5. Click on the Import button, the coupons will be imported into your store.
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