How to Export WordPress Users in CSV / XML File

While migrating to a new WordPress website, the absolute important thing that you need in your website are the users. Including all the users in your new website or updating each user’s information manually, can be dawdling! and WordPress User & WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin is the best solution to this.

 With this plugin, you can export a CSV file that includes all the WordPress user’s data and import the user data to the website immediately. During the export, you also have the option to map the column headers of the CSV file with the WordPress or WooCommerce user data fields. Thus, ensures that no data will be lost  during migration irrespective of the platform. However, one can also unselect certain field data if necessary, which enables customization.

To export data into CSV / XML file format :

  1.  Navigate to WebToffee Import Export (Pro), after installing and activating the plugin via Plugin Setup .
  2. Click on Export and follow the steps in How to export users to export your site’s user data.
  3. On reaching step 5, the following window will appear, from where you can choose the required Export File Format.
  4. Click on Export to complete.
WooCommerce User Export in CSV/XML format

Know more about Export.

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