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Customize GDPR Cookie Bar with Predefined Templates

Last updated on May 8, 2023

GDPR Cookie Consent plugin has always attempted to make it more user-friendly and convenient for the end users. The Themes tab incorporated in the Cookie law settings module allows you to choose from several predefined templates for each type banner/widget/popup.

Design/Text Editor

There are two main panels within the Themes: a Cookie bar-Design editor and a Cookie message-Text editor.

  • The Cookie bar-Design editor window will display the cookie bar that is currently active on the website. Click on a cookie text, buttons, etc from the design editor to customize it. You can customize the font size, color, weight, border, or even include a custom CSS from the control panel.
  • The content of the cookie bar can be edited from Cookie message-Text editor.
Cookie Theme Panels

Once done with the styling, Save & Publish the changes. Click on Change template to view other template options. Cancel to revert to your previously active template.

Default Templates

Alternatively, you may use the Change template button to adopt a cookie bar from some of our default templates under the Banner or Pop up or Widget formats.

Theme-Choose a Cookie Bar Template

Just select any template from the list and click on the Live preview button to experience it against your website. If you like what you see click on Customize to get it onto your design editor.

Live Preview and Customize Buttons

Furthermore, you may make changes to the selected template from the design editor. Finally, click on Save & Publish button to set the customized template as the current cookie bar.