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Customized CSS code snippets for GDPR cookie theme templates

GDPR Cookie Consent plugin is equipped with several pre-defined templates for customizing the cookie notice bar to match the look and feel of your website. These customization features are incorporated in the Cookie law Settings > Themes tab of the plugin. Besides, there are provisions to select pre-defined templates for cookie bar with each type banner, widget or popup. 

Refer Customize Cookie Notice bar with pre-defined templates to know more about it.

Despite having options to modify the pre-defined templates, the cookie notification bar can be customized by inserting/editing CSS style codes in the CSS field of the properties dialog box.


Following are a few examples of how you can customize the CSS code snippet from the Design editor to enhance the look and feel of the cookie notification bar.

  1. Inserting Logo on top of the Cookie Notification bar: Popup (theme 1)

  2. Square close button: Popup (theme 3)

  3. Color filled closed button: Popup (theme 3)

  4. Button shadow: Popup (theme 1)

  5. Image background on the button: Widget (theme 3)

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