Translating GDPR Cookie Consent plugin with Polylang

GDPR Cookie Consent plugin is compatible with some of the most common multilingual plugins like Polylang, WPML, qTranslateX etc. In this article, we will share deep insight into how the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin can be translated into your desired language via Polylang.

Refer Translating GDPR Cookie consent plugin with WPML to know how the cookie plugin is translated using WPML.

Once the Polylang plugin is installed and activated, you need to first configure it for the desired languages. Once the languages have been set up, navigate to Languages > String Translations as shown below for customizations w.r.t the plugin:


From the String Translation page that opens up, filter the group by selecting webtoffee_gdpr_cookie_consent from the drop down as shown below:


Note: In this case, the language is switched to French prior to translating the strings of GDPR cookie consent plugin.

For instance, let us see how the string on the Accept button is translated into French.


The string on Accept button is changed to Accept in French indicating the translated text in French. On loading the website, the cookie accept button will be as shown below:



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14 thoughts on “Translating GDPR Cookie Consent plugin with Polylang

  1. Ralf Kolem
    Ralf says:

    I have a similar problem. Using Polylang I cannot see the GDPR-strings in the List.
    I use Polylang 2.6.8 and GDPR cookie consent 1.8.2
    Is there a solution available in the meantime?

  2. Jerome DUPONT
    JD says:

    I translated (in french) cookies list and cookies categories, everything works fine except that the translated “necessary” category is not “always enabled”. How can I fix this?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Ronald says:


    When I try to make changes in the string translations and I click ‘save changes’ I get:

    Error occurred: 403 – forbidden

    Apache Server at:

    Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


  4. Ralph says:

    The information is not complete. On top of the “string translations” you will also need to translate all items from the “cookie list” (if you have that populated), otherwise they will not show up in the “privacy overview” pop-up where the user can selectively turn cookies on or off.

  5. Jerome says:

    I don’t see any webtoffee_gdpr_cookie_consent content in string translation.? I just have Widget and wordpress.
    What can I do to get them?
    Best regards

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