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How to Accept Cookie consent on Scroll or Delay

GDPR Cookie consent plugin helps you to design the cookie banner and manage its behavior. The plugin offers extensive features for accepting the consent in the desired manner complying with the GDPR law.

In order to accept the cookie consent on scroll or delay, follow the below steps:

  1. Install and activate the GDPR Cookie consent plugin.
  2. Navigate to the Cookie Law Settings page. The different tabs of the Cookie Law Settings page allow you to customize the different parts of the cookie notification bar. The General tab is further divided into three sections: Cookie Bar, Show Again Tab and Other.


  3. The cookie bar tab consists of various options to configure the behavior of the cookie. However, to accept the consent on scroll enable the Auto-hide cookie bar (Accept on scroll) option if you want to assume the user acceptance if he/she scrolls the web page.

    GDPR Cookie Consent-Auto hide cookie banner on scroll

    GDPR Cookie Consent-Auto hide cookie on scroll

  4. Apart from this several other settings are also provided in the cookie bar page as shown below:
    • The cookie bar is currently field allows you to enable or disable the cookie bar on your website. The cookie bar will not be shown on the front-end of the website if this option is turned off, and the cookies will be installed without any consent from the user.
    • Show only for EU Countries enables you to show the cookie notice only to the visitors from the European countries.
    • Cookie Bar can be set as a Banner, Pop up or as a widget.
      • With the banner option, you get to choose if you want to place the banner in the header or footer. Here, I have placed the banner in the footer.
      • If the popup is chosen, then the cookie notification will be shown as a popup instead of a notification bar. You can set an overlay along with the popup, which will block the user from browsing the website unless consent is obtained. 

        cookie-bar-as-popup with overlay

      • As for the widget, you can position it to the left or right of the website.
    • On load option allows you to either animate the notification or make it sticky while loading the website.
    • On hide option allows you to either animate the way the notification disappears or to disappear without any visual effect.
    • Enable the Auto-hide cookie bar after delay option and configure time if you want to assume the user acceptance if he/she lingers in the web page for the specified amount of time.
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