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How to Export WooCommerce Orders to Excel

If you want to export a bulk of orders from your WooCommerce store into an Excel file, the Orders/Coupons/Subscriptions Plugin for WooCommerce has got you covered.

The plugin allows you to import and export orders from your WooCommerce shop to XML and CSV files. The XML or CSV file can then be easily manipulated using Microsoft Excel. In the spreadsheet, you can get all the details about orders like shipping address, billing address, order total, information about line items, etc.

Exporting WooCommerce Orders to Excel

Before you can export the orders, you need to install the plugin and activate it on your WooCommerce store. After the successful activation, navigate to the WooCommerce dashboard and go to WooCommerce > Order Im-Ex. This will take you to the export page of the plugin.

Export orders in CSV Excel Format

The plugin helps you to export orders based on certain conditions as well. You can export the orders based on their order statuses. You can also choose multiple orders statuses of which the orders will be downloaded to the CSV file.order-statuses

From the Export Products in CSV Format section, fill in the fields according to your requirements. The plugin lets you export a partial list of orders. You can make use of the fields Offset and Limit to control which portion of the orders list you want to export into your WooCommerce store.

With the values in the fields Start Date and the End Date, you can export orders that were placed between that date range. You can select the delimiter that will be used in the exported CSV file. Next, from the Columns field, determine which data related to orders that you want to be exported in the CSV file.

You can also select the names of the column headers of the CSV file under which the order data will be exported.

The CSV file can be opened in Microsoft Excel sheet and used for manipulating the order data. The screenshot of the CSV file in Microsoft Excel is shown below.


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