How to Set up WordPress Cron Job when site activity is less

If you are working with WordPress cron job, you need to understand it is not a guaranteed timing mechanism. Wp-cron fires based on site activity. If you have a job set to fire every ten minutes, but nobody visits your site for an hour, then the job doesn’t fire for an hour.

If you have a lesser number of visits per day and you are using wp-cron to do some scheduled tasks, you can add below line in your wp-config.php to fire Cron.

define('ALTERNATE_WP_CRON', true);

This method uses a redirection approach, which makes the user’s browser get a redirect when the cron needs to run so that they come back to the site immediately while cron continues to run in the connection they just dropped.

You can set Cron Job with help of your hosting providers cPanel tool as shown below:

Set up Cron cPanel

Alternate Options – 3rd Party Cron Job Set Up

If you find WordPress’s Cron is not efficient enough, there are 3rd Party options available that will take care of setting up a Cron job as per your business case. EasyCron is one of the easiest options available.

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