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How to Setup Credit Card payments using Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce

With Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce, you can effortlessly accept major credit cards for payments on your WooCommerce store. You can accept MasterCardVisaAmerican ExpressDiscoverJCB, and Diners Club cards. Customers can also save credit card information for future use. The complete payment transaction occurs on a Stripe iframe loaded on your store. Hence, your customers do not have to leave your site for payment, making the checkout process smooth.

Let’s break down these settings in few simple steps.

Getting Started

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can navigate to plugin settings in two ways:

  • Dashboard > WebToffee Stripe/Apple/Alipay/Stripe Checkout(or)
  • Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce > Settings.

All right, now let’s get down to configure the plugin.

Step 1: Create a Stripe account

Prior to setting up the plugin, it is essential that you create a stripe account. The payment gateway can be initiated only by linking the API keys which can be located in the Stripe dashboard on successful registration.

Certain useful links are provided within the plugin itself which will be helpful while setting up the plugin as shown below:

WebToffee Stripe for WooCommerce-Pre-requisites
WebToffee Stripe for WooCommerce-Prerequisites

You can click on an item to get redirected to the respective link.

  • To view the countries where Stripe is available for businesses, click on the Country list
  • You can directly register and create a Stripe account by clicking on Create Stripe account.
  • To get the API keys, click on Get API Keys link to get redirected to the stripe dashboard.

Step 2: Insert the API Keys into the respective stripe credential field

Stripe Credentials

You can begin the set up by inserting the appropriate keys in the stripe credential fields. API keys can be located in your Stripe dashboard. Transaction mode(test/live) is dictated by the respective API keys.

Stripe for WooCommerce-Stripe Credentials
WebToffee Stripe-Stripe Credentials
  • Transaction Mode: With this option, you can set the required API mode for the Stripe payment gateway.
    Available options are:
    • Test Mode: This mode is used to do some test purchasing by using API. There is no real money transaction involved. This mode is used only for development purposes and requires Stripe test credentials.
    • Live Mode: This mode is used for the actual payment transaction, and requires live credentials.
  • Test/Live Publishable Key: Enter the respective test (or Live) Publishable Key.
  • Test/Live Secret Key: Enter the test (or Live) Secret Key provided by Stripe.

Step 3: Enable the concerned payment gateway

Stripe Pay via Credit Card

Accept credit card payments directly on your website via WebToffee Stripe payment gateway. It is in the stripe settings section where you need to actually enable the payment gateway for it to get enabled at the checkout.

Stripe settings come with the following options:

  • Stripe Payment: Tick this checkbox to enable Stripe payment.
  • Stripe Overview Page: Tick this checkbox to enable Stripe Overview PageStripe overview provides a consolidated view of all your transactions. You will also be able to manage your orders, process partial or full refunds, capture payments, and change order status from this view.
  • Title: Enter a custom title for Stripe payment. This title will be visible on the checkout page.
  • Description: Enter a custom description for Stripe payment. This description will be visible on the checkout page.
  • Order Button Text: Enter a custom text for the Stripe checkout button.
  •  Choose the preferred cards from the list for which the payment can be accepted. Transactions will be limited to the selected cards and the rest will be declined. The logo of the selected card(s) will be displayed on the checkout page.
    Cards supported by the plugin are the following:
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • JCB 
    • Diners Club
  • Stripe inline credit card form: Choose the style in which you want to show your credit card form. When checked, the credit card form will display the credit card number field, date, CVV, and postal code in a single line.

Stripe Actions

The advanced settings for stripe are embedded n the stripe actions section.

WebToffee Stripe for WooCommerce-Stripe Actions
WebToffee Stripe for WooCommerce-Stripe Actions
  • Capture PaymentWhen enabled, the payment will be captured immediately upon the successful completion of the transaction. Disabling this option will require the shop manager to manually capture the payments corresponding to every transaction, within 7 days from the transactional data. This can be done via the stripe overview page or the stripe dashboard. This method is most widely used to reserve funds from the cardholder and then capture them after the business completes the service.
  • Email Transaction Receipt: Enable this option to send transaction receipts via email to customers. This email is sent by Stripe itself and is applicable only in live mode.
  • Statement Descriptor: You can enter a statement descriptor which will appear on customers’ bank statements when they make or receive payments. A complete statement descriptor – either a single static descriptor or the combination of a prefix and suffix – must meet the following requirements:
    • Contains between 5 and 22 characters, inclusive.
    • Contains at least one letter.
    • Does not contain any of the special characters < > \ ‘ ” *.
    • Reflects your doing business as (DBA) name.
    • Contains more than a single common term or common website URL. A website URL only is acceptable if it provides a clear and accurate description of a transaction on a customer’s statement.

Step 3: Checkout using Stripe

After you configure all the settings, move to the checkout page to view the Stripe checkout process.

If you have enabled the inline credit card form, instead of separate lines, the fields for entering the card details will be displayed in a single line as shown below:

Specify the card details like the Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV, and then click on the Pay via Stripe button to continue the payment process. The order will be placed successfully.

That’s it! with these simple steps, you can accept credit card payments with Stripe Payment Plugin for WooCommerce.

To know more about the product, check out Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce.

For understanding each feature of the plugin, visit the product setting up article.

Or check out the documentation section for more related articles.

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