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WebToffee’s Print Invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery Note & Label Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to print and generate address labels for multiple orders of your store very easily.  All the integral shipment documents like the PDF invoices, packing slips, delivery notes, and shipping /address/ dispatch labels, pick lists, etc. can be generated automatically with this WooCommerce extension.

The plugin gives provisions to customize the labels with inbuilt templates as well as design them with different sizes and properties. Once the plugin is installed and activated, a new menu named Invoice/Packing appears in the WordPress dashboard. You can access the address label settings directly by clicking on the Address Label submenu or from General Settings > Documents > Address Label Settings.

All the generic settings that need to be used across all the documents can be configured in the General Settings window. It contains provisions to configure the company logo, address details, RTL support and many more. To know more about general settings configurations, refer here.


The Address Label settings are embedded in the Customize tab as shown below:

WooCommerce Invoice/Pack Slip-Address Label-Customize
WooCommerce Invoice/Pack Slip-Address Label-Customize

To create a new address label template,

    1. Select a template from the Create new template option or from the layout dropdown.
    2. From the inbuilt templates that pop up, choose a layout.
      WooCommerce Address Label Layout options
      WooCommerce Address Label Layout options
    3. The chosen layout will then be displayed in the customize window. The address configured from General Settings will be auto-populated.
    4. Make the necessary modifications to the layout from the options provided in the properties drop down and save it.
      WooCommerce Address Label properties
      WooCommerce Address Label properties
    5. After saving, activate the template to use it further for your address label.

You can directly print the address label as shown below or select multiple orders from WooCommerce orders page and print them via bulk actions:

WooCommerce Order Page-Print Address Label
WooCommerce Order Page-Print Address Label

Sample address labels for multiple orders will be as shown below:

Sample WooCommerce Address Label
Sample WooCommerce Address Label

For detailed information, you can refer to the Product Page.

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