How to generate WooCommerce Pick List

WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slip, Delivery Notes and Shipping Labels plugin are fully equipped to generate and manage all types of documents relevant for an eCommerce store. A Pick List can be used by packers of your store to get the entire list of products for selected orders. Obtaining the list of all products to be packed can really make the packers work much easier.

Let us see a step by step procedure on how the pick list can be configured and generated for multiple orders of your store in WooCommerce.

  • Once the plugin is installed and activated, navigate to the Invoice/Packing from your WordPress dashboard. The Invoice/Packing plugin can handle different document types like the Invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery Note, Shipping Label, Dispatch Label, Dispatch Label, Address Label, and Pick List.
  • All the generic settings that need to be used across all the documents can be configured in the General Settings window. It contains provisions to configure the company logo, address details, RTL support and many more. To know more about general settings configurations, refer here.
WooCommerce Invoice or packing-General Settings- Document Types
WooCommerce Invoice or packing-General Settings- Document Types
  • Set up the pick list from the Invoice/Packing > Pick List. The settings window appears as shown below:
  • A Pick List can be set up in two easy steps:

    Step1: General Settings

    The general settings pertaining to the picklist can be configured from the general tab.

    • Group by category: Choose Yes to group the products by category. All the products falling under the same category will be grouped together in the pick list.
    • Group by order: Choose Yes to group the products by order. On printing pick list for multiple orders, the products will be categorized by order.

    For instance, a pick list for two orders by enabling group by category and group by order will look as shown below:

    Pick List-Group by category and order
    Pick List-Group by category
    • Enable variation data: To include variation data of the product in the pick list, enable this option. The variation data of the product will be displayed beneath the product in the product table.
    • Exclude virtual items: In order to exclude the virtual deliverables like downloadable books from the picklist, enable this option.
    • Sort products by: either on the basis of Name or SKU.
    • Product meta fields: Select/add additional product information in the dispatch label. Click the Add Product Meta to add a new product meta field by providing a custom Field Name and the respective meta key for the field. The product meta keys can be found in the custom field section of the product page.
    • Product attributes: Here, you can add and edit the product attributes.
    • Attach Picklist PDF in order email for statuses
    • Share Picklist PDF as a separate email
    • Once all the settings are configured, click the Update Settings button.

    Step 2: Customize

    • From the customize tab, you can customize and create a new template of a picklist from the existing templates.customize-picklist
    • Toggle buttons are incorporated in the customize tab to enable or disable an item from the template of the pick list. You can make modifications to the current layout by changing the different attributes like font color, style, format, etc provided under each property.
    • You can even switch to the code editor, to make additional customizations other than the one listed in the visual editor.
    • While making changes via code editor it would be better for you to refer the help which briefs about placeholders, alternate classes for RTL support, etc as shown below:
    WooCommerce Invoice or packing-Invoice Settings- Customize-Code Editor-Help
    WooCommerce Invoice or packing-Invoice Settings- Customize-Code Editor-Help
  • Make the necessary modifications to the layout and save it.
  • After saving, activate the template to use it further for your pick list.
  • You can directly print the pick list as shown below or select multiple orders from WooCommerce orders page and print them via bulk actions:

    WooCommerce Order Page-Print Pick List
    WooCommerce Order Page-Print Pick List

    A sample pick list for multiple orders grouped by category and orders will be as shown below:

    Sample WooCommerce Pick List

    For detailed information, you can refer to the Product Page.

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