How to Import and Export Product Reviews Using WooCommerce Product Reviews Import Export Plugin

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This tutorial explains how to import and export product reviews by using Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce. Please refer to the product page to know more about the plugin features.


For WooCommerce, Product Import Export Plugin facilitates online store Admin to export or import product reviews and star ratings of the products by using a CSV file. Admin can also customize product reviews and ratings according to the need. The plugin is mainly used by store owners/Admin to make review and rating transaction from one store to another.

You can import/export/merge (update existing product reviews) hundreds, even thousands, of Product Reviews using one file which saves your effort and time of manually adding information of Product Reviews.

For importing product reviews to your online store, you must create a CSV(Comma-Separated Values) file which contains information about mapping fields in the tabular form. You can create the CSV file by using a spreadsheet program, such as  Excel, or Google Spreadsheets. Save this file with extension CSV.  After entering all details about product reviews in the spreadsheet, you can import to your online store.

With this plugin, you can also export product reviews details as a CSV file. While exporting, plugin facilitates you to apply filters by using the name of the product, star ratings, comment dates, and verified owner’s review.

It also supports Cron Job (WordPress Scheduled Task) to schedule Export Products reviews into an FTP location in a specific time interval automatically.

Note: The CSV Import file must be in UTF-8 format. For more information about UTF-8 encoding, See How to save CSV / Excel File as UTF-8 Encoded?

Product Review Import/Export tab

Product Reviews Import Export-Menu
Product Reviews Import Export-Menu

The plugin takes CSV file as input. It maps each field of CSV file to the field of a particular Product Review that otherwise Admin need to input manually.

For example, the Comments Id field gets mapped to the Comment Id of CSV file and the Comment Author Name field gets mapped to the comment_author of your product review. If you want the plugin to work correctly, you must map headers of all of the column correctly and you must ensure that all of the fields you enter must be in the correct format.

Note: If there is any mistake in your import file, your product review import may not work as expected.

To get started, you must have a CSV file. You can create the one or you can export the product review to get the format of CSV. Or you can download Product Review Sample.
You must enter the product review details in CSV file in the structured format as given below:

  • The first row must contain the column headers which are used for mapping the fields. The details about WooCommerce mapping field is given as below:
    Column HeadingExplanationAccepted value or format
     Comments ID Identification Number of the Comment Numerical
     Product SKU Stock Keeping Unit of Product Alphanumeric
     Comments Post ID Identification number of the Product Numerical
      Comments Author Name Name of the Comment Author Text
     Comments Author Email Email ID of Comment Author Text


     Comments DateDate on which the comment is posted MM/DD/YYYY H:i:s
    e.g  9/6/2016  6:29:00
     Comments Date(GMT)Date on which the comment is posted with Greenwich Mean Time MM/DD/YYYY H:i

    e.g. 9/6/2016  6:29

     Comments Content Content of comment Text
     Comments Approved or Not? Indicates whether the comment is approved by the authorized person. 1 means the comment is approved and 0 means the comment is not approved. Numerical



     Comments Parent The parent comment’s ID. And it will be empty for the normal comment. Numerical
     User ID The comment author’s ID if he is registered (0 otherwise) Numerical
     Rating Indicates the star rating of the product. Numerical

    Range is 1 to 5

     Verified or Not? Indicates whether a commenter is a registered customer who has bought the product or not. 1 means verified user and 0 means not a verified user. Numerical


Import Product Reviews

You can import product reviews from CSV file or merge the product reviews with already existing by importing the updated CSV file.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Product Reviews ImEx. Under the Product Reviews tab, click the Import button. The window appears as shown below:

Product Import Export-Import Product Reviews
Product Import Export-Import Product Reviews
  1. Method 1: Select a file from your computer. Click Choose File to browse a required CSV file from your computer.
  2. Method 2: Provide FTP Details. If your CSV file is on the server, then to import it,  you need to do FTP settings as given below:
    1. Select the checkbox to enable FTP import/export.
    2. Enter FTP Server Host/IP.
    3. Enter FTP User Name.
    4. Enter FTP Password.
    5. Enter FTP Server Path.
    6. Select the checkbox to use FTPS.
  3. Update reviews if exists: Existing products preview are identified by their IDs. If this option is not selected and if a review with the same ID is found in the CSV, that review will not be imported.
  4. Enter the delimiter which separates the mapping values.
  5. Tick the Use SKU checkbox to identify each product by its SKU information, instead of Post ID.
  6. Click Upload file and Import. The import window appears as shown below:
    Product Import Export-Import Product Reviews-Map Fields window
    Product Import Export-Import Product Reviews-Map Fields window

    Note: While mapping fields, do not import Comments ID as it does not exist before importing product preview. But for merging product previews, you need to map Comment ID to the appropriate field.

  7. You can map the fields(Woocommerce fields) with column headings. You can map the fields(Woocommerce fields) with column headings( CSV file header). Map a particular field under Map to column by using  the drop-down list for that particular Column header as shown below:Products review import mapping column header
    Select a required option from the drop-down list. Here, product_SKU is mapped to Product SKU.

    Note: Mapping is very helpful if you are importing CSV from some other e-Commerce like Magento.

    Evaluation fieldWooCommerce review import export evaluation fields

    It is used to fix/update the required value for the particular field. The settings to modify the field are as given below:

    • Assign any required constant value to the field.
      For Example,  Suppose, you want to assign 1 to comment_approved. Under Evaluation field, write =1 in Comments Approved or Not? row.
    • Append any field by required value.
      For Example, Suppose, you want to append comment_author by By HikeForce. Under Evaluation field, write &By HikeForce in Comment Author Name row.
    • Prepend any field by required value.
      For Example, Suppose, you want to prepend comment_content by Comment: . Under Evaluation field, write &Comment:[VAL] in Comment Content row.

    Note: Hover the mouse on ‘?’ (Help), you can see the information about Evaluation field.

  8. After mapping all the required field, you can save these mapping and evaluation fields in a file (user-defined) by using Mapping file name field.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. According to the CSV file, the product reviews get added to your online store. The import window appears as shown below:Product review import successful

 Export Product Reviews

If you export product reviews using this plugin, you get the CSV file which contains the data about all the product reviews of the WooCommerce online store.

The window is as shown below:

Product Import Export-Export Product Review
Product Import Export-Export Product Review
  1. Limit: Enter the number of product reviews that you wish to export.
  2. Date: Select the date interval (from and to date)of which the reviews are to be exported.
  3. Products: Select the required product(s) for which you want to export the reviews.
  4. Starts: You can filter the exporting of review based on the star ratings. Select the requires star ratings from the given drop-down list.
  5. Verified Owner`s Reviews?: Verified Owner is the registered customer who has bought the product. You can choose to allow the exporting of product reviews according to your requirement and the options are as given below:
    • All Reviews: You can export all the reviews for the product(s).
    • Yes: Select this option to export the reviews only by Verified Owner.
    • No: Select this option for not to export reviews by Verified Owner.
  6. Check to enable exporting reviews with replies: Check Enable to export reviews with replies
  7. Delimiter: With this field, you can change the comma separated file to ‘|’ or ‘.” separated file according to your requirement.
  8. Columns: Select the checkbox for required columns if you want to export specific columns. With the Column Name field, you can modify the column header in the CSV file. To do that, simply enter the required column name for the specific column.
  9. Click Export Product Reviews, the CSV file gets auto-downloaded to your computer. The sample Product Reviews CSV file is as shown below:Note: You can download the Sample of Exported Product Review CSV.

Export Product Reviews from Comments Page

You can directly download the specific product Reviews detail from the Comments Page. To do that, navigate to DashboardComments. The Comments listing page appears as shown below:WooCommerce product comment listings page

  • Click Download to CSV button to export single coupon details to CSV file under Export Column.
  • To export details of multiple product reviews, select comments. From Bulk Action drop-down list, select Download as CSV and click Apply as shown below:Bulk Actions drop-down listAll the details about selected product reviews get auto-downloaded to CSV file.

Check out our Product Import Export Plugin For WooCommerce.

The Best Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

#1 in WordPress Official Plugin Repository With 50,000+ Active Installs

#1 in Customer Satisfaction With Most 5 Star Reviews

WebToffee Guarantee: Get Your Money Back if You Are Not Satisfied With The Product

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21 thoughts on “How to Import and Export Product Reviews Using WooCommerce Product Reviews Import Export Plugin

  1. Sandy says:

    I just tried out the plugin for the 1st time. The export and import went very smoothly. On this particular site there is no further need to import again. I’d like to remove the plugin before turning the new site over to the owner. After deleting the plugin, will the imported reviews/data remain? Thank you!

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      Yes, the imported reviews/data will remain on the site after deleting the plugin. You can go ahead and delete the plugin after the import is completed.

  2. J says:

    Import always says success for every record. But no reviews show up. And when I export to see what the heck is might be in there – if anything – there are indeed new records – but all the fields are blank/null. How can an imported record be deemed successful when none of the data has been imported? So you CREATED a record, but you really haven’t. Not to mention, I’m on the latest version of the plugin, but the interface does not match the documentation. C’mon.

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      Could you please reach us via support with the screenshot of the import screen & the importing CSV file so that we can check it.

      Our support team will follow you up from there.

  3. Tony Petruzzi says:

    No matter what column heading I use, I cannot map the reviews to a product. I have tried using product_sku and product_SKU to no avail. Is there something I am missing

  4. Tony Petruzzi says:

    I am getting the same error as @allan. I entered in a product review manually, then exported it. I next tried to do the import and once I click the “Upload file and import” button, I go to a page that just says “Import” on it. This is the page “/wp-admin/admin.php?import=product_reviews_csv&step=1&merge=0”

    In chrome dev tools I can see the following error:

    Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(…).datepicker is not a function

  5. allan says:

    Hello I tried this but anytime i import review_title it doesn’t show up as a review title. (i get NO TITLE) I use Yith Advanced reviews

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      The issue you are facing with the reviews might be because you are using a custom third party plugin to manage the reviews. Could you please reach us via support.

  6. john burg says:

    sorry but this doesn’t work. i did a very simple test: went to product, manually added a couple comments/ratings, ran the export, then back to the product and removed the ratings. and then imported the CSV file generated by the export process and.. no comment/rating showing in the product.

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      We have tested the same in our test environments and were able to export & import the product reviews without any issues. Kindly make sure that the delimiter selected during import is the same as the one used in the CSV file.

      If the issue still persists please reach us via support.

  7. John J says:

    The imported reviews showed up under comments and on the product page on WordPress admin panel, but not on the product page where visitors can see. What are the possible reasons? Thanks!

  8. Peter Schulz
    Peter Schulz says:

    I was wanderign if there are any performance differences bettween all the methods. Does it have any effect whether to use file upload, ftp or url?
    Or does it fatches the data once and processes in the same way?

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      In all the importing methods the plugin follows the same workflow so there won’t be much difference in the import process performance. The only difference will be in the time taken to upload the CSV/XML file.

  9. Karen says:

    I keep trying to download the CSV sample but it just comes up as a bunch of jibberish on the page it opens. It’s not a spreadsheet at all. How do I use it?

    • Alan
      Alan says:


      By default plugin exports CSV file that is comma separated and UTF-8 encoded. The issue you are facing might be because the spreadsheet application you are using is not able to handle UTF-8 encoded CSV files properly. You may please try using spreadsheet applications like LibreOffice which has proven to be better in handling UTF-8 encoded files in our experience.

      If the issue still persists please reach us via support.

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